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TEL : + 8657187099983 87099973

FAX : + 8657187099963

Logistic service for crude oil, refined oil and petrochmic product

Run Shi Energy has strategic partnership with oil tank in Zhoushan,Ningbo,Singapore,Indonesia and Malaysia. And the company owning one 300,000 ton offshore tanker floating facility. 

It has 100,000 cubic meters of oil storage tank facilities at the Carimont Oude oil storage base in Indonesia. There are 30 storage tanks in the Karimangku area, with a single tank storage capacity ranging from 7,000 cubic meters to 66,000 cubic meters. The reservoir area is equipped with 4 tanker terminals for berthing from 1000-ton to VLCC-class tankers.

It has 80,000 cubic meters of oil storage tank facilities in Johor, Malaysia, which can be used for 5,000 to 12,000 tons of oil tankers. At the same time, the company has a 300,000-ton offshore tanker floating facility.

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