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TEL : + 8657187099983 87099973

FAX : + 8657187099963

Our domestic business mainly covers the trade of refined oil, fuel oil, petrochemical products and petroleum equipment

Runshi Energy's domestic business mainly covers trade in refined oil, fuel oil, petrochemical products and petroleum equipment. Products include: refined oil: gasoline, diesel, naphtha, base oil; fuel oil: marine fuel oil, light cycle oil; petrochemical products: LPG, LNG, asphalt, Changchai, mixed aromatics, industrial white oil, No. 3 Jet fuel; petroleum equipment: crude oil extraction equipment, refining and production equipment, oil reprocessing equipment and other complete equipment. 

At the same time, collect domestic market demand information, cooperate with refineries and equipment research and development institutions to do crude oil production and processing, petroleum products and equipment research and development.

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